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Did an accident leave your fence in shambles? Are you noticing rusted or deteriorated posts and stakes? Repair your fence today with help from Superior Fence LLC. We offer quality fence repairs in Billings, MT for all fence types. Whether you have an old wooden fence or a broken aluminum fence, you’ll get the repair you need with Superior Fence. Contact our repair team today for a solution.

3 common fence problems

  1. Weak fence posts. Fence posts can weaken and rot over time. Replace your rotted post today and have a fence that is stable and secure.
  2. Sagging gates. Weather and age can cause gates to sag, causing gate locks to become misaligned. Superior Fence can find a solution for your sagging gate - whether that requires pulling the frame back in shape or replacing the gate completely.
  3. General wear and tear. Weather can take a toll on your fence. It can become twisted, rusted, grimy, stained and loose. It's up to you to call a professional for fence repair services. Contact Superior Fence right away and address problems with your fence in a timely manner.